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  • Premium Fiji Kava “1kg”

    NZ $120.00


    • Relieving stress up to 70 percent by consuming king kava.
    • A unique strainer’s bags and coconut cup inside the packet for a more rejuvenating experience.
    • Pure and fresh as it will release moisture while grinding.
    • Take a kava drink for a calming and euphoric effect.
    • Dry half shelf of coconut along with the packet to give you a pure feeling of Fijian Grog.
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  • Premium Fiji Kava “200g”

    NZ $28.00


    • A simple take of kava rejuvenates the mind and soul of the takers and taste helps in energizing the human being.
    • Best and suitable drink for any type of social gathering.
    • Gives the same sort of enjoyment with fewer prices as compared to other herbal drinks.
    • Only Natural roots extracted from the original kava plant.
    • Buy from Noble growers of south pacific island countries and supplied by Kings Kava.
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  • Premium Fiji Kava “2kg”

    NZ $239.00


    • Large packaging for consumption in social gatherings or long-duration consumption.
    • No compromise on quality and authenticity. Only original kava for the best experience.
    • Special coconut half-shells inside the package to give you authentic Fijian taste.
    • Original means original, 100 percent authentic kava roots.
    • Moisture-rich kava roots for better enjoyment and fun.
    • Strong kava smells soothe your body and heart.
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