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Premium Fiji Kava “200g”

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  • A simple take of kava rejuvenates the mind and soul of the takers and taste helps in energizing the human being.
  • Best and suitable drink for any type of social gathering.
  • Gives the same sort of enjoyment with fewer prices as compared to other herbal drinks.
  • Only Natural roots extracted from the original kava plant.
  • Buy from Noble growers of south pacific island countries and supplied by Kings Kava.



It is up to you to consume by which way you wish. Authentic and 100 percent kava can be used by drink. You can add kava powder to some cold water, tea, or any other beverage you want to take. The combination of Fiji Kavas provides a unique experience. Additionally, do not keep the made drink for long, drink it as soon as possible for the best taste and better experience.

Safety Information

It is always advisable by the king kava to take care of yourself before and after taking kava drinks. As in some cases, it shows adverse effects on some individuals. It’s your responsibility to abide by our safety information and consult your doctor before consuming this drink. No drink for under 18 individuals and no guarantee or any sort of treating, curing, and preventing any disease by king kava.

Legal Information

We at king kava is just a third party service provider and e-commerce company providing you an option to purchase original and authentic kava from our website. We cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects of the drinking. In some cases, you may experience some bad effects on yourself and you must be aware of that. None of our products are certified and evaluated by any government agencies so, in case of any further investigation by the government; you will be responsible for that.

Kings Kava and our suppliers deliver your ordered product to your door. But some unfavorable circumstances can be such that is not responsible at all. Ordered products do not accept returns from customers. We will not be responsible for any delivery delay or parcel is damaged, but our customer care service is available to solve a lot of problems.


A 200 g pack of original kava roots extracted freshly from native growers. Kings kava specifically collects kava from elite producers.



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