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Premium Fiji Kava “500g”

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  • Not selling leaves and stems in the name of kava roots. Only roots here at king kava.
  • Tamper proof packaging so that in case of any tampering in transit, you will be knowing the fact.
  • Replace your alcohol with king kava, it is a great alternative to alcohol.
  • Suitable for grinding and chewing both.
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To supply original king kava all around the globe, king kava was founded. King kava believes in the same sort of principle and that is the reason for having us providing you an opportunity to purchase and enjoy original kava exported from its native place. What is better than having a kava drink for any special occasion? Marriages, Birthday, anniversary, Official party have kava drink distributed among the people attending the meeting and get an appreciation for that.

Gone are the days when only alcohol was the name for social gathering. Here kava will give you the same sort of soothing experience for your heart and body along with providing you some better-known minerals. This is an herbal drink and no established side effects of any sort of having this kava drink. We at king kava supply original kava taken from the fields of Fiji. You will be surprised to know that in Fiji, it is a highly famous and well-known drink. In Fiji kava is offered mainly in coconut half-shells. Fiji has a large number of coconut trees, so they prefer having Kava in half a shell of dry coconut. Life is short and it must be enjoyed with kava as the principle followed by them.

Safety information

Safety is for everyone and that is the reason we have a well-defined safety policy for all our customers and users of our original kava product. No responsibility of any sort lies on us. We are a third-party service provider, supplying good quality kava from native’s places all over the world. Kava is not recognized by any government and it can not be used to treat, prevent, and cure any disease. It is just an herbal drink that is mainly taken for fun, enjoyment, stress relieving, and having some sort of alcohol like effect.

Legal Information

We are not legally bound for any side effects of taking this drink, any courier, custom, delivery delay or damage, any other side effects, etc. No liability of any sort lies on us.


A family type packaging of 500 G king kava roots, keep this small packet in your home and enjoy whenever you
wish to.

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