General questions

We all understand and believe that the Old is gold. So does the kava. It is an old drink from many countries and is being used by millions of people daily all around the world. As of today, there are no harmful side effects of drinking kava.

Even in some cases, it is noticed that drinking kava rejuvenates the body and mind of the individual thus helping in boosting immunity factors. It helps in releasing excel stress and tiredness from the body. Consumption of kava also helps in purifying our body from the inside.

Purifying means our liver, heart, kidney. It helps in releasing harmful items trapped inside our liver. It is so old and natural that thousands of people from pacific countries are drinking and they are still enjoying it. As per some studies it usually also helps in increasing life expectancy.

Ways to prepare kava drinks are many and it all depends on the users. But the native and traditional person, crush the roots and make power and with the help of cup and wooden tanao, it is served. Some people also prefer to chew instead of drinking. For more ways to prepare the drink, kindly refer to the product description.

Kava is a traditional drink used to relieve anxiety and stress from the body and mind. When an individual uses kava, it signals a good factor into the mind and then the mind directs our other organs to release stress and anxiety. In some cases, it also helps in getting good sleep.

It is noticed by many users that the long issue of insomnia is resolved by taking kava. Sleeping is a very good factor
in stress and anxiety management so any drinks or food which helps in getting good sleep must be treated as a cure thus kava is a cure for stress and anxiety management.

Yes, it is completely legal and used widely by Kiwi people. But it is only used and legal for a drinking person having an age of more than 21 years. Consumption by children is not permissible. In the official New Zealand code, it is written how to use and when to use kava drink.

Drinking kava is so useful that you cannot miss its sip after knowing the exact benefits of drinking it. But in the name of original and authentic kava, so many fake products are being sold online and offline to users. This type of kava is harmful instead of being useful. But king kava is different; we only offer original and authentic kava. Before starting the consumption, you should remember that the effects of kava depend on two factors.

1. How is it grown? This is the most relevant factor in making kava more effective and beneficial. Kava grown in the wrong ways is not useful for anyone. Kava supplied by king kava is sourced from Nobel growers of Fiji. So there is not a single chance of getting it duplicated and fake. Proper care and dedication are required while cultivating the kava. After cultivation, the native people only know what parts of the plants are useful. Only roots are sold here at king kava.

2. How was it prepared? Preparing the drink is an art and that is the reason we also sell all the traditional tools used for making kava drinks. Tools like traditional kava cup and wooden Fijian tanoa are available for purchase at the king kava website. Additionally, we are writing the ways to prepare the drink while using these tools.

So as you have got the original products grown properly and made a good drink with the help of tools available, it will benefit you more. You will feel relaxed. Your body and souls will feel the freedom from all the problems of life.

No stress and no anxiety, only enjoyment, and fun after taking the drink. You will feel like inside your body, every part is being cleaned with kava. Liver, kidney, heart every organ of your body will feel rejuvenated after drinking it.

No, it is not addictive. It is used as a body mineral supplement by many. Just like normal tea and coffee, you can start the consumption without any damage and side effects to your body. You can simply drop the usages after some time in case you believe you should not be taking it. There is no boundation or any sort of addiction by drinking kava. When we talk about side effects, it is safe.

But it is also advisable for most people to consult your doctors before consumption. In normal healthy people, no side effects of any type are seen as on today from anywhere of the globe. As we have already stated that many users are fooled by fake sellers and receive wrong and low-quality kava, which may be harmful to the body and its organs. Always purchase original and authentic products from king kava and never experience any sort of bad and ill effects of drinking kava.

Kava is a natural drink so the tastes very bitter as compared to other drinks. It also smells earthy as it is taken from the earth and there is the moisture of earth inside the roots. It is completely different from any other drink. But ignore the smell and taste to enjoy fully.

Other questions

Ordering at king kava is just a cakewalk. It is very simple. We accept almost all the major debit and credit cards like visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc. Furthermore, we also provide ordering by various prepaid and postpaid wallets service providers like PayPal. Simple order and faster checkout at king kava.

Getting delivery updates is very easy here at king kava. On the homepage of our website, there is a link called track your order. Simply click on the order and search by putting order id. It will instantly show the exact position of your order and it will also update on the estimated date of delivery.

Shipping charges are generally free for all over Newland, but there are some areas of this island where our delivery partners are unable to deliver and in that case, we will be charging some amount for shipping and delivery. When you click on the order, you will be asked about putting the address along with the zip code before checkout.

On that page, you will get to know about the delivery and shipping charges if any. International delivery and shipping are chargeable. To get the exact price, you need to put the address along with the zip code. We also provide options for faster delivery and premium services.

There is no exact time to drink this powerful natural drink. However, it is mainly advised to use this drink in the evening or night, so that it helps in getting you a good sleep. No. it is not advisable to mix with any other beverages. It will not be good for your health and it also hampers the taste of kava.

Kava is an herbal drink for stress and anxiety. In many cases, it is suggested to me by a medical practitioner to use a kava drink for insomnia. It helps in getting good sleep and relieving tiredness from the whole body. However, you are still advised to ask your doctor before starting the consumption.

It is not yet clearly decided and certified by any government agencies that it is harmful to the liver. Yes, there could
be some damage to the liver but it may be happening due to the lack of good quality of kava. Low-quality kava is very much harmful to all your organs. Consult your doctor before using it.

No, a complete no for pregnant and lactating women. It is harmful. As in some cases, it has been observed that it may hamper the growth and goodness of the baby inside the womb or lactating from the mother. Simply avoid using when pregnant or lactating a baby.

It is not that harmful to driving after consumption of kava. But in some cases, it has been observed that after consumption of kava an individual experiences a high volume of sleep. So sleeping may hamper the ability to drive safely and that is the reason to avoid driving after drinking kava.