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Premium Fiji Kava “1kg”

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  • Relieving stress up to 70 percent by consuming king kava.
  • A unique strainer’s bags and coconut cup inside the packet for a more rejuvenating experience.
  • Pure and fresh as it will release moisture while grinding.
  • Take a kava drink for a calming and euphoric effect.
  • Dry half shelf of coconut along with the packet to give you a pure feeling of Fijian Grog.



Take the product out from the packaging and grind it by hand or by machine. Grinding makes the kava less potent so you may prefer to chew the product for a stronger and longer effect. We do not supply dry kava roots, our all roots are fresh thus helping you experience taste and happiness at the same times more. Furthermore, we supply kava cultivated with techniques and expertise, so there is no compromise on taste and experience. Never worry, it is just a drink and you can have a hot meal after drinking the kava drink. Very famous in a country called FIJI, this kava drink is called “grog”.  It is made by grinding sun drive kava with the help of a grinding machine or by any other instrument. Kava will turn into a fine powder and then it is mixed with cold water.

Safety Information: –

The safety of any individuals is in their hands only and no one else can be held responsible for that. No driving or operating any vehicle or machine after drinking. It may not be safe for you and other people nearby. So Do Not take kava before you plan on driving. In some cases, it has also been observed that people experienced liver damage due to the overuse of Kava drinks. Read all the safety-related information about kava before starting consuming as you cannot hold yourself responsible for any damage of any type.

Legal Information: –

We do not confirm whether this product is legally allowed to consume in your native place or country. Our products are not licensed or guaranteed of any sort by any of the government and semi-government agencies. No legal boundation applies to King kava and its associates. No responsibility for any custom delay, delivery delay, product retention, or damage in transit. No refund and no cancellation is allowed. Once sold, no further inquiry can be entertained on the sold product.


Original Fijian Kava of 1 Kg packet. Roots and only roots that is suitable for consumption by chewing or grinding.

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