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Premium Fiji Kava “2kg”

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  • Large packaging for consumption in social gatherings or long-duration consumption.
  • No compromise on quality and authenticity. Only original kava for the best experience.
  • Special coconut half-shells inside the package to give you authentic Fijian taste.
  • Original means original, 100 percent authentic kava roots.
  • Moisture-rich kava roots for better enjoyment and fun.
  • Strong kava smells soothe your body and heart.



Kava’s the name may not be familiar to someone but it is a highly used beverage in pacific countries. Countries like Fiji are highly dependent for their economic survival on kava export and production. It is also known in various countries with various names. Ingredients are the same but the name is different. Other names of this awesome drink are Ava Root, Gea, Gi, Intoxicating Long Pepper, Kao, Kawapfeffer, Kew, Lawena, Long Pepper, Maori Kava, Poivre des Cannibals, Sakau, Tonga, Waka, Wu, etc.

So its popularity can be understood by the fact that in so many countries the net exporter of this best in class beverages. Use it as per your choice. But simply chewing is also very much potent and it is done by native growers. Replace your normal tea and coffee with kava for social gathering and get appreciated by the person attending your gathering. In some countries, people believe that they must tri-kava once in a lifetime. They believe that having kava in their life will enhance the health and wealth them and also people related to them.

Safety Information

This product kava is grown in many countries and also used worldwide, but you should always keep in mind some safety information like it is not recognized or certified by any of the food administration departments of any country. In some cases, adverse effects of taking kava are also reported and we are not responsible for any bad effects of the same. Consult your doctor before starting the consumption of kava as it may be not suitable for many people. People with less than 18 years are not advised to take and we are not responsible for any bad effect here also. No driving or heavy work after the consumption of kava.

Legal Information

We are not legally responsible for any bad effects of kava drinks. No courier delay or customer held up is our responsibility. Once an item is sold, it is final. No cancellation, no return, nothing.


A well packaged kava root weights 2 kilograms.

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Weight 2 kg


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