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Premium Fiji Kava “100G”

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  • Freshly extracted from pacific island countries.
  • No added minerals and other herbal products, Only Pure kava roots.
  • Cultivated with passion, dedication, techniques, and expertise thus having an excellent smell, taste, and soothing experience.
  • Packaged in fully conservative materials, chances of damage or product dryness is less or nil in some cases.
  • High potency ratio as we supply 100 percent original kava.
  • Grinding by traditional ways is easy and gives you more kick, Yes its right.
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Kava or Eva root is a type of herbal drink most found in the western pacific islands. For some people, it might sound like a strange drink but it is not strange as you noticed. Just in case you do not know it is widely used in south pacific areas and it is just like a social drink similar to alcohol in the western world. It is a plant-based drink extracted from a plant called “Piper methysticum”. It is taken by people through various forms and helps in mitigating anxiety, insomnia, sleeping problems or it also helps in stress management.

Safety Information

Our products and their description are not evaluated by any drug administration of the government. It is up to you whether to go to experience this authentic kava drink or not. Also, you are advised not to use this drink for other purposes like treat, cure, diagnose any disease. You must consult with your doctor before taking this drink as it has been seen that some people may be allergic to this drink and it may hamper the functioning of some major or minor organs of the body. No kava drinking with alcohol. It is strictly forbidden. This drink is not for people under the age of 18 and proper rest should be taken after taking the drink. No drive or heavy and risky work afterwords.

Legal Information

King kava and its office bearers, employees do not have any responsibility of any sort in case of some adverse effect of drinking kava. This is our absolute policy and it’s your prerogative to go for drinking kava without any responsibility of any sorts of king kava and its affiliates. A product once sold can not be returned in any case. NO cancellation and return are allowed. You must have read and understood this legal information before consuming king kava drinks.


Only the roots of the plant, no leaves, and stems are sold by King Kava.

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