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Kava – The most popular Healthy drink to solve some health issue

Drinking any herbal medicines or plants has both pros and cons. In the case of kava, the health implication of drinking cannot be ignored. And that is the reason it is advised for the first time drinker to contact your doctor before starting the consumptions. In some cases it has been seen that the kava drinks have various health implications for a particular person. Lever damage to eye sight weakness is seen in some cases so it is always advised to take a medical consultation before starting the consumption.

Kava drinking process and its benefits

Kava is a traditional drink so it must be enjoyed in traditional ways. Authentic kava is very much in demand and in the name of selling kava many sellers are not selling genuine and authentic kava. That kava is harmful rather than being useful for health.

King kava sells only authentic kava that is traditionally exported from the native growers of Fiji. Added on only roots are sold as it is the main part for enjoyment. No leaves and stems are sold in the name of kava. Kava can be enjoyed in two ways. Either you can have it directly or you can make a drink or tea of kava for enjoyment.

How to make kava drinks?

This is one of the best ways for kava enjoyment and being followed by many traditional people. It is mainly enjoyed in groups. More than 2 people sat in group after their daily hard work and enjoy. Some tools are required for this type of drinking. Tools like wooden tanao, strainer and cups all available on king kava website.

Specially designed for kava drinking, these tools will make your kava drinking experience more enjoyable and special. To make a drink, you need to mix kava roots and warm water in a large bowl that is called a wooden tanoa. Leave roots for more than 25 minutes and then strain the mixture with specially designed kava strainer available on king kava website. Now the mixture is ready for you to enjoy.

Put in the traditional cups that are made up with coconut shell, and enjoy. Take a sip or take it at one go. Now it’s up to you to enjoy and feel the benefits of kava drinking in your head, body and soul.

Health Benefits of kava

Kava is beneficial and that is the reason it is being used by so many people and it is so famous all over the world. There is very less time taken for drinkers to understand the benefits of kava drinking. For our readers of this blog, we have compiled the benefits written under:-

1. Regulation of blood pressure and cholesterol level in body: – Blood sugar and cholesterol are the two main problems affecting millions of people worldwide. People are suffering from these two problems. Kava helps in soothing these two problems. Your blood pressure will be regularized, it means if it is high, it will come down and if it is down it will go up due to kava drinking. Kava drinking helps in body thinning and reducing fat thus helping in reducing cholesterol.

2.  Fighting cancers: – Kava has so many useful components that it may fight cancer in your body cells. When you will go to the native growers of kava and inquire about cancer, you will be surprised to know that there is no cancer among the drinkers. That is the class of this herbal drink. Cancer that is so deadly and dangerous can also be cured with kava drinking.

3. Stress management and insomnia: – Stress is literally affecting each and everyone in this universe. Here kava is very helpful. It will relieve you from hard work, tension, stress and will also help in getting good sleep. Insomnia where people find it tough to sleep gets good sleep after taking a kava drink.

Kalm with kings kava

Why is kava safe and why do you need not to worry about any safety concerns?

Kava is being used by millions of people worldwide and the same thing is part of all social gatherings from centuries, but here and there we always heard about some safety and security concerns of kava. Kava is a traditional plant grown in mainly pacific countries and specially countries near Fiji.

Its benefits in soothing the heart and body are well known. People drinking kava have stated that it helps in getting them good sleep after lots of heavy work. However some points need to be clarified before you start consuming for your enjoyment.

Kava and Safety

Yes, kava is safe but you must drink in proper ways. Many fake sellers are selling kava not grown properly and in this way the kava plants are not authentic. So non authentic kava is harmful for you. People also wish to spend less but want a full sort of enjoyment in this way they are getting lured into buying fake or unauthentic kava. Taste and health benefits of the kava will not be as useful as the original one.

Kava, Pregnancy and Lactation

No, it is not advisable. During pregnancy and lactation, kava drinking should be avoided for the health benefits of the baby. Some components of the kava may be harmful for the baby thus it should be avoidable.

Driving and kava drinking

Driving and other heavy work preferably should be avoided because it is observed by the kava drinker that kava helps in getting good sleep. After drinking kava, people feel sleepy so in the case of driving after kava, the chances of accident and self damage increased many fold.

Heavy machinery should also not be used after kava drinking. Sleepy mind and body is the house of accidents. Also, when we go back in the past, it is read that traditional people drink kava only after completing all their home work. Maybe after the day ends and before going to sleep they prefer to have a kava cup of drink.