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Premium Kava Cup – 200ml

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  1. Enhanced Kava Capacity
  2. Authentic Coconut Craftsmanship
  3. Easy Clean & Reusable
  4. Portable Pacific Tradition
  5. Natural, Harmless Materials
  6. Handcrafted Unique Style


Introducing the Premium Kava Cup – 200ml, a testament to traditional Pacific culture and an essential addition to your kava ritual. Crafted from genuine coconut shells with meticulous attention to detail, each cup boasts a larger 200ml capacity, allowing you to savor more of your favorite kava blend with every sip.

Product Description: Elevate your kava-drinking experience with our Premium Kava Cup – 200ml. Handcrafted from authentic coconut shells, each cup embodies the essence of Pacific island tradition and craftsmanship. With its generous 200ml capacity, it offers ample space to indulge in the rich flavors of kava while immersing yourself in the cultural heritage of the Pacific.

Featured Points:

  1. Authentic Coconut Craftsmanship: Made from natural coconut shells, our kava cups preserve the authenticity and tradition of Pacific island culture, ensuring an immersive and enriching drinking experience.
  2. Easy Clean & Reusable: Designed for convenience, our kava cups are easy to clean and reusable, allowing you to enjoy your favorite kava blend without the hassle of frequent maintenance.
  3. Portable Pacific Tradition: Embrace the spirit of Pacific island life with our portable kava cups, perfect for enjoying kava on the go or during gatherings with friends and family.
  4. Natural, Harmless Materials: Free from harmful substances or chemicals, our kava cups are crafted with the highest quality natural materials, ensuring a safe and wholesome drinking experience.
  5. Handcrafted Unique Style: Each kava cup is meticulously handcrafted, resulting in a unique size, shape, and texture that adds character and charm to your kava-drinking rituals.

Indulge in the rich traditions and flavors of the Pacific islands with the Premium Kava Cup – 200ml. Immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of kava while enjoying the convenience and portability of our authentic coconut cups.

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