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Kings Kava Traditional Kava Strainer

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1. Specially designed for serious kava lovers.
2. Strong and easy to use strainer suitable for kava.
3. 10 x12 big sizes made with good quality nylon.
4. Specially designed holes which will keep the roots entangled while straining.
5. No harmful chemical and material used in manufacturing so be sure about the safety.




Kings kava strainer bag is one of the most durable and washable as well as can be used again. You can easily make kava every time by using cava powder to drink it. The kings kava strainer bag is a perfect and favorite bag for customers who like kava. We have all understood that kava is tasted best when it is used as tea or coffee for individual or social gatherings. A special strainer is required for that.

For novice people strainer is a type of tool which we used to solids from liquids. In our kitchen, we have seen a normal strainer but in case you love to enjoy authentic kava, you must have a separate strainer specially designed for kava lovers. Kava is like a lifeline for many and they always love to enjoy it only in an authentic way.

Even the hardest kava roots can mesh and its main ingredients could be extracted from this strainer. So have this strainer and add more enjoyment and fun to your already kava loving experience.

How to blend before straining?

To get the maximum benefits from the strainer. You first have to blend it right. The 1: 15 is the ratio for making a blending. Here 1 represents kava and 15 represents water. Some may prefer to add a teaspoon of coconut oil into the blender to make it tastier. Leave it for 5 minutes and then use a strainer to get the best out of our authentic kava.

How to use it?

Take a bowl full of warm water first. Take out the strainer from the packaging and put all the powder. Strainers along with the kava bags will be put into the already stored warm water. Start squeezing the strainer, this way the gain ingredients of your kava powder and roots will start flowing into the water.

At the same time, by squeezing the strainer, you are taking the excess air trapped inside the strainer. Keep squeezing unless all the main powder and roots of kava are squeezed enough. Now there is only some sort of waste left in the strainer and you have a full bowl of kava original drink to enjoy.


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